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waterfall invitation card This will allow the waterfall cards action to operate smoothly Step 6 These are the papers I decided to use on my card. I used a plain cream card base, some gold card and I wanted to layer it with the flowery green paper.

1" x 4-1/4" card stock strip, back of area A should ip and lay at against card front. If desired, add journaling to area A. 12. Continue gently pulling area D to the right. Back of area B should ip and lay at against card front. If desired, add journaling to area B. Waterfall Card Pattern

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Stamp the white card stock before adding the Waterfall.. Pierce a hole in the 2 side tabs to add the 2 purple brads through. You need to mark with pencil 2 dots onto the base of the card where the 2 side brads are laying. So place the Waterfall onto the base of the card to get an idea where they will be placed.

For HANDMADE, the gallery is transformed into a modern marketplace complete with displays and racks full of everything from accessories to printed goods, clothing to hanging works of art and much, much more. Proceeds from sales at Handmade benefit programs at Waterfall Arts. Support Maine artists AND your local community art center at the same.

handmade card: Baby onesie waterfall card. pull the tab and the letters Baby appear one by one like a waterfall. negative die space for the letters. great card!! See more

You’ll want to place this piece onto the scoreline furthest to the right. Make sure to put the piece a little bit to the right of the score line or else this card won’t work! Once all the pieces on in place, make sure to open the card up and fold it a few more times! These little things will help improve the cascading effect of the card.

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